Uganda Kolping Hotels

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Kolping Hotels are managed under Kolping Holdings Uganda Limited. They form the income generating arm of Uganda Kolping Society. Kolping Hotels are part of the worldwide Kolping Guest Houses spread in the different parts of the world.

Kolping Hotels are well designed and make you feel at home away from Home. Their natural ambiance makes them the pace to be. Kolping Hotels are spread in different parts Uganda, these include; Kampala Kolping Hotel, Masindi Kolping Hotel and Hoima Kolping Hotel, and Mityana Kolping House. Mityana Kolping House managed independently under the Mityana Women's Project.

Set out in the outskirts of Kampala busy business district and in the naturally well-endowed western parts of the Country, Kolping Hotels are contemporary, fashionable hotels, the absolute choice for the style-conscious guest. Inspired by cutting edge designs, these Kolping Hotels capture the imagination with vibrant and creative environments, offering exceptional quality service throughout every aspect.

At Kolping Hotels, we care
We guarantee you maximum care during your stay with us: Our values guide every decision we make, and every interaction we have with our customers. Our values anchor every product and service we provide to the needs of the customer. If we cannot link what we do to the needs of the customers, we should ask ourselves why we're doing it in the first place.

All of our team members know the value of customer care. Customer satisfaction is our priority in all our Kolping Hotels. We believe in values lived, not phrases memorized.

Value for money at Kolping Hotels
We strive to offer value for money to our clients. This is done by cautiously managing the size and mix of our team over time.
A key priority for us is to sustain our understanding of client needs and to continually improve our efficiency in the services we provide to our customers.
We believe you deserve the best – and we react to this through the vibrancy of our cuisine, to our choices in the Bars. We also believe in delivering optimum style of surroundings, uncompromising standards of comfort, extensive global connectivity and efficient business support.

Stay another night
Offering a home-away-from-home setting, the spacious guestrooms of Kolping Hotels house a staggering array of invaluable amenities such as mini bars, cable channels, free Wi-Fi, bathrobes, signature bedding, a complimentary newspaper (on request) and toiletries.

Having time at the Kolping Hotels, offers guests a taste of the ultimate Ugandan lifestyle with lush greenery, winding pathways and separate entrances to the spacious living and dining areas.

Located on big pieces of land, Kolping Hotels provide exotic gardens and flowers. Guests may choose the comfortable elegance of the buildings or the beauty of the gardens.

Our Hotels have interesting histories as well: we have hosted guests of high esteem and still frequent Kolping Hotels.
At Kolping Hotels you come as a guest and leave as a friend.